The story of Brainify

Brainify Bangladesh was founded in 2022 and wants to start working with foreign companies with a vast experience of software developers. 

Our dedication is to serve Norwegian and other foreign clients with great development teams in Dhaka. We are dedicated to make Brainify Bangladesh the greatest workplace in all of Bangladesh.


Norway & Bangladesh

We work closely with Brainify Norway. Brainify was founded in 2015 by Johannes Holmedahl. A Norwegian with several decades of experience from UX/IT, and with a background from Bangladesh.

Since 2015 Brainify has connected Norwegian clients with Bengali developers. The reason is that the Bangladeshi and the Norwegian culture is such a great match!

The goal of Brainify Bangladesh is to make a company where we all follow the same mission: To create great software solutions for our clients. And on our way there: Let's get to know each other and each other’s culture. 

All our employees in Dhaka are working "Collaborative” and “Agile” way. 


No bosses

In Brainify Bangladesh we have no bosses. We have leaders that will help our developers get most of each working day, and that makes sure that our employees are taken care of.

This is our Office Manager Steve. His mission is to make sure every part of our operation runs smoothly, that we follow our guidelines of a sustainable company, and that our offices in Mirpur DOHS is a top modern facility for our employees and customers.


Trial period and on-boarding

All our teams go through a comprehensive on-boarding process, where we make sure they understand what is expected of them. In this process, you will also understand what is expected of you who order. We adapt the team's workflow to your company, and place no restrictions on work tools and methodology.

In addition, we have a trial period for all new agreements, so that both you and we have the certainty that we have the right developers in the right place.


Working time

You have your development team available five days a week, Monday–Friday, from 12noon–8pm (Dhaka-time) to match with the Norwegian working hours 8am–4pm (Oslo-time).


Our philosophy

All our employees in both Bangladesh and Dhaka are working "The Norwegian Way".
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