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Learn about Norway

How much do you know about Norway? Let us go through some fun facts, and some hard core facts about the cold land located at the north of Europe.


Here we are ...

First of all, you find Norway next to Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia. We are at the top of our globe, on the same latitude as Greenland. Norway is not a part of the EU, but a part of Schengen and EEA.



Norway maintains the Nordic welfare model with universal health care and a comprehensive social security system, and its values are rooted in egalitarian ideals. The Norwegian state has large ownership positions in key industrial sectors, having extensive reserves of petroleum, natural gas, minerals, lumber, seafood, and fresh water.

Norway has had the highest Human Development Index ranking in the world since 2009. We also have the highest inequality-adjusted ranking per 2018: Equality is a core Norwegian value: We should all be treated equal, no matter gender, sexual orientation, skin color og political view.

Norway is also ranked first on the World Happiness Report for 2017 and currently ranks first on the OECD Better Life Index, the Index of Public Integrity, the Freedom Index, and the Democracy Index. Norway also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

When you speak to Norwegians, remember that all are equal and accepted; even though they are totally different than you.


Oslo, Norway. The offices of Brainify Norway is located in city center of Oslo.

Brainify is a part of media Bergen. Bergen is the pretties city in Norway, and the citizens will tell you daily.

The nature in Norway is breath taking. This is from a popular tourism site called Preikestolen (The pulpit).

Yes, we have aurora. Not usually in the south of Norway (Oslo and Bergen), but a lot in the north.

We also have fjords. Like this one ... Gudvangen, in the western part of Norway.


Norwegian etiquette

If you walk in the streets of Oslo or Bergen (the two most important cities in Norway), and talk to a stranger ... you will be seen as a weirdo. We rearly speak to strangers – unless we are out skiing or if the bus are delayed, of course.

And speaking about delays ... Norwegians are on time. Like on the minute time. If you're invited to a birthday party @ 7pm, you show up at 7:00. If we are running 15 minutes late, we would send a text message warning the host.

Another part of the Norwegian etiquette (that is different than in Bangladesh) is that you should never mention a persons weight. Never tell anyone "you look tired" or "you have gained weight". That is considered rude. Even though the intention is good.


Skiing and Quick Lunch

A fun facts about Norwegians: It's a saying that "we are born with skies on our feet". That doesn't mean that all Norwegians loves to go skiing, but most of us learn it from young age.

And when we are skiing in the cross country tracks in the forest and in the mountains, two things are important: To say "hi!" to the people you meet (which is not typical for Norwegians to do, as mentioned above) and to bring along hot cocoa and a chocolate called Kvikk Lunsj (Quick Lunch). Yes, it's quite similar to KitKat.


Nobel Peace Price

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the five Nobel Prizes established by the will of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel. Since March 1901, it has been awarded annually to those who have "done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses".

In accordance with Alfred Nobel's will, the recipient is selected by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

In 2006 the Bengali Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank won the price "for their efforts to create economic and social development from below”.