The Norwegian Way

Norway is much more than salmon and Nobel Peace Prices. The most valuable about Norway is – in our opinion – the Norwegian work culture. And we want to share that with our bengali co-workers.


The three rules of the Norwegian Way


Person talking

Everyone get a say

In Brainify you are an equal part of the team. We will listen to your expertise and your feedback in every project and in the work place.

This also means that we want you to speak your mind. If we could solve something in a smarter way; let your co-workers know. 

The "Collaborative” and “Agile’ way also means a flat structure hierarchy, and no bosses. We have a few leaders, of course, but they are there to help you, not boss you around.



100% dedication

Love your job, and be the best you can be. In Brainify we expect you to:


Island with palms

We care about your free time

A happy developer is a great developer. And a great life after working hours and in weekends gives us all happiness.

That is why we work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.
No more, no less. 

We also make sure you have time with your friends and family in the public holidays, and of course if your kids are sick.

The Norwegian ways also includes your familiy. So prepare your kids for some surprices for eid & christmas.


Join our team!

We are always looking for great talents in Bangladesh that share our view of how to develope solutions for the future.

If you work with, Java, Javascript, React.js, NEXT.js, Node.js, PHP, MySQL or AWS solutions, send us an application.

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Henry Rolin