We are building Bangladesh's best workplace

We are building Bangladesh's best workplace

We started Brainify Bangladesh this year because we will grow rapidly and have many new colleagues in a short time. For almost seven years we have been using Bengali software developers to deliver great solutions for the customers of Brainify Norway. Now we are going to build what will become perhaps Bangladesh's best workplace.

The business idea is simple: There are lots of good developers in Bangladesh. Norwegian companies are desperately in need of skilled developers. Why not unite this?

We know the Bengali culture, and the Norwegian market. Both the staff in Norway and Bangladesh have decades of experience in IT development, and in creating good workplaces.

Nordic IT companies in Dhaka already have a good reputation for creating great working environments. As a minimum we will maintain, and if possible improve, this reputation. 

So: How are we going to create Bangladesh's best workplace?

  • Brainify Bangladesh is owned and run by our Bengali colleagues
  • By ensuring transparency, a 100% corruption-free operation and by leaving as much of the value as possible in Bangladesh
  • By combining the best of Norwegian work culture and the best of Bengali work culture

This means, among other things, a 100% flat hierarchy in the organization. We have leaders, not bosses. Everyone must be heard and everyone must be included.

We are building a bengali workplace – The Norwegian Way.

We all work in an open office landscape. The "boss" does not have a separate office with a mahogany desk and with the secretary in the front room. And the "bosses" will have lunch with the juniors who have lunch with the seniors.

Work is done according to Norwegian working hours. That means 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Monday to Friday.

We adapt to the commuting chaos in Dhaka, and have working hours from 12noon to 8pm.

Then we meet at the same time on Norwegian working time, which corresponds to approx. 8am to 4pm, due to the time difference.

Our Bengali developers also appreciate the openness and respect they get with our Norwegian customers. They are being taken seriously, held accountable, included and listened to. It provides good solutions in the long term.

At the same time, we have with us the zeal for work from the Bengali culture: The need to succeed, to reach the goal and to get accolades in the industry.

We allow ourselves to reward the employee of the month, the newcomer of the year and to celebrate all joint victories.

When we grow, we will also make sure to include the families of our employees. This means we will invite everyone to Eid celebrations, anniversary outings and other events. Happy wife, happy work life! (Or husband, only it doesn't rhyme)

These days we are hiring a large number of developers, and we hope you can become one of them. Insh Allah, we will be 60-70 employees in the course of a few years.

Do you want to join the journey?


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